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Taxes: The Joy of Giving
Utah has the ninth-highest opportunity to give of ourselves to our state and local government.  How fortunate we are!  Join with us in celebrating our newfound heritage.

How to Appreciate Your Legislator
In a world full of negativity, it is sometimes hard to forget it all and bask in the stardom of your elected officials.  Don't let antagonists and naysayers get you down.  Learn to appreciate your legislator and avoid dwelling on the dangerous little details.



Our Mission

Civility Utah exists to provide a tranquil, peaceful environment for intellectual pontification, to soothe anxiety and concerns with softness and moderation, and to increase trust in all government officials.

We do this by sharing happy thoughts, by intellectualizing subjects until people feel good about what is going on, and by providing civility training to citizens who have not yet figured out how to numb their idealism and suppress their emotions.

Our Philosophy

Civility Utah promotes government that is nice, friendly, and civil.  We despise agitation, conflict, and mean-spiritedness.  We believe that nothing is worth fighting over or getting nasty.  We love warm, fuzzy speeches and hearing pleasant stories and promises.

Our heartfelt desire is to see citizens stop being angry and to sustain their leaders without question like the good old days. 

Equal Opportunity

Civility Utah attempts to give kudos to all officials.  We respect anyone, regardless of their actions or philosophies.  In the quest for civility, we will continuously search for ways to be nice to others.

Candidate Endorsements

Civility Utah supports and endorses any candidate for political office who is nice, calm, and always positive.  We run away from people who seem unhappy or disappointed.


If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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