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Taxes: The Joy of Giving
Utah has the ninth-highest opportunity to give of ourselves to our state and local government.  How fortunate we are!  Join with us in celebrating our newfound heritage.

How to Appreciate Your Legislator
In a world full of negativity, it is sometimes hard to forget it all and bask in the stardom of your elected officials.  Don't let antagonists and naysayers get you down.  Learn to appreciate your legislator and avoid dwelling on the dangerous little details.



The Civility Manifesto

Below are the 12 planks required to achieve complete civility and utopia:

1) Don't say anything that might be construed as negative.  You don't want to offend anyone.

2) Don't be emotional or act too concerned.

3) Rights and freedoms are not as important as getting along.  They just aren't worth it if it causes too much stress or anxiety.

4) Shake their hand warmly and always smile.

5) When people are disagreeable or controversial, ostracize them, avoid them, and hope for their involuntary commitment to a psychiatric facility one day soon.

6) Ensure the candidate you support has the most money, is the most eloquent, and the most popular.

7) Never raise your voice or get upset.

8) Always turn the other cheek no matter what.

9) If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, run away.

10) Be moderate and compromise whenever you are asked to do so.

11) Follow your leaders without question.  They know what's best.

12) Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts.


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