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Taxes: The Joy of Giving
Utah has the ninth-highest opportunity to give of ourselves to our state and local government.  How fortunate we are!  Join with us in celebrating our newfound heritage.

How to Appreciate Your Legislator
In a world full of negativity, it is sometimes hard to forget it all and bask in the stardom of your elected officials.  Don't let antagonists and naysayers get you down.  Learn to appreciate your legislator and avoid dwelling on the dangerous little details.



The Civility Dictionary

We all need a few lessons and reminders in toning down the harsh day-to-day language we often encounter.  Here are a few examples of ways to take mean-spirited words and phrases and make them be more nice and civil:

Mean-Spirited Language Nice, Civil Language

"bribery", "perverse incentives", or "conflict of interest"

"unique financial opportunities"


"perhaps not entirely accurate"

"burdensome taxes"

"fees", "unique opportunities for service", "government expenditures,"  "contributions," or "investments"


"people who no doubt have the best of intentions"


"someone who appreciates power"

"state abuse"

"discretion under what must be difficult circumstances"


"mostly honest"

"unelected bureaucrat"

"public servant"

"career politician"

"long-time public servant"

"pork barrel project"

"discretionary spending"

"unfit for office"

"needs slight improvement"


"a little rough around the edges"

"empty promises"

"hopeful statements that will assuredly remain on the radar screen"

"environmentalist whacko"

"someone who no doubt cares a great deal about the environment"

"water Nazi"

"someone who is zealous in upholding the water restrictions"

"corporate welfare"

"corporate incentives"

"bloated bureaucracy"

"solid infrastructure"

"rights" or "freedoms"



Now go out and make lots of friends!



If you hear of other stinging words or phrases, or if you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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