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Pink Slip Reports

This report contains lowlights of the voting history of individual legislators since they took office.  To get the most out of this tool, first time visitors are encouraged to read the preface below.

Pink Slips on File:


Political Contributors

Former Governor Michael Leavitt

Leavitt's 2000 Contributors

L. Alma Mansell: Senate President

Mansell's 2002 Contributors

Michael G. Waddoups: Senate Majority Leader

Waddoups' 2000 Contributors

John L. Valentine: Senate Majority Whip

Valentine's 2000 Contributors

Ron Allen: Senate Minority Whip

Allen's 2002 Contributors


Why Did We Do This?

Some people prefer to focus on the positive things that elected officials sometimes do in government.  While it is true that decent bills occasionally squeak through the legislature, they do not stay the mounting tide of oppressive government.  The all-too-frequent trend in today's legislature is to vote against freedom and strong communities.

To use an analogy, if someone were to cut off your right arm and leg, you would probably not praise him for leaving you the left arm and leg.  You would instead focus on the fact that the perpetrator just deprived you of your right arm and leg.  Likewise, just because a legislator votes correctly on a few bills, he is not therefore excused from stripping citizens of their rights and property on many other critical bills.

For this reason, the Pink Slip report focuses on the political actions and inactions of lawless legislators, and the tremendous damage they have done in their short political career.  Every year without fail, these legislators cut an arm off here and hack a leg off there.  They then act incensed when citizens refuse to look the other way, tickle their ears with niceties, or support their re-elections.

The Pink Slip is designed to prove that the negative actions of these legislators are hurting you, and it is time for abusive employees to be removed from office.




You'll Be Surprised at What You CAN Do

Accountability Utah has made painstaking efforts to provide you with this research on the history of these legislators.  We hope that you will come here often to obtain the information and training you need to take back your government and hold your elected officials accountable.

The Pink Slip report allows you to print additional copies for your family, friends, and neighbors.  If you desire to send a copy to the your legislator, print a copy, sign it, and mail or fax it to him.  We have also provided a one-page termination notice for each employee (see the Supervisor Section at the bottom of each report).

Information is also provided to allow you the opportunity to contact the corporations and individuals who have financed the legislator's political campaign.  To assist you, view and adapt our Sample Corporation Letter in Word 97 format or plain .htm format to your liking (this link is also available on each Pink Slip report).

Feel free to examine Extended Bill Summaries of all the bills used to evaluate legislators for continued employment or a Pink Slip.




If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.

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