[City, State Zip]


To Whom It May Concern:

I am deeply dismayed that your corporation has chosen to contribute to the political campaign of State [Senator or Representative] [first and last name]. Since his election, he has supported [insert topics befitting the elected official, such as: the murder of infants (abortion), tax increases, gun control, property confiscation without due process, voter fraud, the destruction of parental rights, racial and religious discrimination, socialized health care, etc.].

For a detailed background on [his/her] voting record, visit http://www.accountabilityutah.org/ and search for the Pink Slip Reports.

[His/her] record is immoral and totally unacceptable, as is your financial support of his candidacy. I am saddened and disgusted that your corporation would stand for these horrible things. I will be informing my family and friends of your true agenda and of your callous disregard for the people who support you in the community.




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