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Kingston Boy Publicly Alleges

State Abuse, Perjury, & Coercion
(Alert for 5/9/05)

Summary: We received the following letters, purportedly authored by Kevin Kingston, from a local Utah radio station. Among many disturbing allegations, the letters specifically accuse the State of Utah and its paid agents of abuse, perjury, and coercion. Take action to restore justice in Utah.


1. Boy Escapes ARTEC Facility to Beg Public for Help

2. Take Action!

1. Boy Escapes ARTEC Facility to Beg Public for Help

We received the following letters, purportedly authored by Kevin Kingston, from a local Utah radio station. Among many disturbing revelations, the letters accuse the State of Utah and its paid agents of:

  • Attempting to coerce Kevin into testifying against his parents and then punishing him for refusing to do so;

  • Knowingly ignoring a sexual predator in state custody who has molested other children and who threatened Kevin's life;

  • Employing agents who commit perjury (Guardian ad Litem employee Kirsten Brewer and DCFS employee Curtis Giles) against innocent families; and

  • Playing mind/punishment games to pit Kevin against his parents (note that his parents have yet to be convicted by a jury of their peers of a crime related to the seizure of their children).

We have provided the three letters below in .pdf format. As they are difficult in some places to read, we have also typed them out in Word97 documents as accurately as we could (to include spelling and grammatical errors).

 Letter to "whom it may concern" .pdf format Word97
 Letter to radio stations .pdf format Word97
 Letter to Judge Andrew Valdez .pdf format Word97

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2. Take Action!

We can not comment on the accuracy of these claims.  We do not know whether the Kingston parents are child abusers.  But the letters, the boy, his strange parents, family, and religion are secondary to the fact that, as is amply supported by documentation on our website, these types of abuses do occur within Utah's nightmarish "child welfare" system.  We also know that the Kingston parents and children have been denied basic due process to defend themselves against their accusers.  The denial of their rights is a denial of our own rights.

Not long ago, citizens held a funeral service for a baby boy who was murdered in the Utah foster care system. Unfortunately, we had no foreknowledge of his abuse.  With Kevin Kingston, we now have such foreknowledge. This boy claims that he, and other children, are being abused by our government. We have a duty and an obligation to make some attempt to ensure that they are protected from harm.

Based upon these serious allegations, here are several things that should occur in a just society:

  • Independent citizen watchdog/advocacy groups should be fully empowered to investigate these charges and report their findings to the public directly. Though Judge Valdez has apparently called for an investigation into these state abuses, based upon past history, the veracity and accuracy of any state investigation should be seriously ridiculed.

  • If any of these allegations are proven, criminal charges should be brought up against the perpetrators and they should be summarily removed at the very least for malfeasance of office.

  • Accused individuals including parents all need the right to a trial by a jury of their peers. We frankly do not know whether the Kingston parents are guilty of seriously abusing their children as the state claims. BUT WE WILL LIKELY NEVER KNOW WITHOUT A TRIAL BY JURY! Judge Valdez is not a jury. He is one man who, with the blessing of your legislature and governor, has assumed the rights and powers of an entire jury of citizens. One man cannot wield such power without being corrupted in the process. It is cruel to allow him to continue to do so. To learn more about the right you no longer have to a trial by jury, see our Issue in Focus: "Why Are Jury Trials Crucial to Your Freedom?"

  • Other crucial parental rights need to be reinstated in Utah, including the right to be found guilty of a significant criminal act before punishment is carried out, and the right to competent counsel. See a partial list of the rights parents no longer have, see our Top Legislative Reforms.

  • Utah judges need to be severely restricted from lording over juries and should be directly accountable to the people rather than to the governor and special interests. A judge is supposed to serve the jury as a referee of sorts. He is to ensure that the courtroom provides a fair and open opportunity for the accused and accuser to present their arguments and facts. He is to ensure that the jury has ample opportunity to obtain the information it needs to attempt to determine the truth. Juries should be empowered and encouraged to decide whether the accused has broken some statute, and also whether the statute is just or whether it should be discarded.

    Instead, judges now rule courtrooms like their dictatorial British counterparts at the time of the American Revolution. This caliber of human being holds no respect for true civility and gentility. Like barbarians, they lack decency and morality, and must be treated with the same politically harsh methods they currently employ in their courts of lawlessness. Learn more about curbing the power of Utah's tyrannical judges, see and, again, our Issue in Focus: "Why Are Jury Trials Crucial to Your Freedom?"

  • Perverse federal incentives for child seizure must end. Each year, the federal government gives the State of Utah multi-millions of dollars for children seized from parents regardless of the guilt or innocence of those parents. Parents cannot realistically expect justice from a corrupt system that financially rewards the state for removing innocent children.

And who is responsible to ensure that these actions are taken?

  • Your state representatives, state senators, attorney general, and governor have created and encouraged the current corrupt "child welfare" and court system that denies justice and basic due process. They have had more than ample notice and warning and utterly refuse to correct their behavior. They are directly responsible for the barbaric atrocities committed against innocent families. Contact your officials by visiting our elected official contact page. Please inform us of any responses you receive at info@accountabilityutah.org.

  • Citizens who defend these elected officials enable these kinds of abuses to occur.  For instance, many senators and representatives give lip service to parental rights, and some tinker around with the status quo.  But none will sponsor and follow through on serious legislation to restore a parent's fundamental right to a trial by jury. To learn more about the role of citizens in enabling political corruption, see our Issue in Focus on the subject. Combat this problem by sharing this information with your family, friends, and neighbors.  Challenge them to take action and be more responsible for their government.

If you have specific ideas on how we can influence this situation, including lawsuits, investigatory tactics, potential legislation to empower taxpayers to investigate these types of allegations, etc., please contact us at info@accountabilityutah.org.

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Editor's Note: Accountability Utah team members Arnold Gaunt and Terry Trease have exempted themselves from this article.

Accountability Utah recipe: Take our information and opinion, research their information and opinion (if it is available), and then examine the law and draw your own conclusions.  If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.

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