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"Progressive" Blueprint for Manipulating Foolish Gun Owners
(News for 12/21/03)

Summary: A Democratic Leadership Council document makes no bones about the "progressive" strategy to manipulate foolish gun owners. Will you fall prey to their trickery?

Read this document for yourself (in .pdf format.  Download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat.). It outlines a seven-step plan to capture the votes of gun owners.  Share this plan with others, particularly those who do not take their right to defend themselves and their families seriously.

This document is the "progressive" version of Accountability Utah's training article, "The Achilles Heel of Conservatives."  So-called "progressives" can only accomplish their designs by manipulating "limited government advocates" who are less committed to their ideals.
For more information on gun topics and resources, visit the Keep & Bear Arms section of our Issues & Alerts page.

Attribution: This document was provided by the Keep and Bear Arms organization.




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