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Alert 9/8/03: Senate Committee Votes to Confirm Confiscation Zealot!

Summary: Despite ample citizen warning and outrage, the Utah Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Confirmation Committee voted Wednesday to confirm radical confiscation zealot, Derek Pullan, to be a fourth district court judge.  There was no dissenting vote.  Contact your senators immediately!


1. ACT NOW! Contact Your Senator!

2. Learn About Pullan's Radical Past

3. Tracking Pullan's Future Destruction

1. ACT NOW! Contact Your Senator!

Take action today! Here is what you need to do:

1. Forward this message to your family, friends, and associates. Let them know that their rights are in great peril!

2. Contact your senator (again if you have already done so).  The entire senate will soon take a final vote on Pullan's nomination.  If Pullan is confirmed, there is no telling what damage he will do for decades to come.  Under current statute, sitting judges are very difficult to remove.  As citizens, you have two legitimate options before you:

Option A: Encourage your senator to vote NO and reject Derek Pullan's confirmation so that citizens can safeguard Initiative B and their property rights.


Option B: Encourage your senator to vote YES to confirm Derek Pullan and provide Accountability Utah with greater evidence to further educate and enrage citizens so that senators can be replaced en masse in upcoming elections.

If you need help finding your senator, visit our elected official contact page.  Please share any interactions you have with the senators you contact with us at info@accountabilityutah.org.

3. Again, not one senator on the Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Confirmation Committee voted to stop Pullan's confirmation.  Give thanks to each of them for attacking your rights:

Sen. D. Chris Buttars, Chair (Republican)
Work: 801-280-2697
Home: 801-561-0535
E-mail: dbuttars@utahsenate.org

Sen. Patrice Arent (Democrat)
Office: 801-538-1406
Home: 801-272-1956
E-mail: parent@utahsenate.org

Sen. Greg Bell (Republican)
Be thankful he "lived to fight another day"!
Office: 801-971-200
E-mail:  gbell@utahsenate.org

Sen. David Gladwell (Republican)
Office: 801-927-1110
Home: 801-782-4130
E-mail: dgladwell@utahsenate.org

Sen. Majority Leader Michael Waddoups (Republican)
Office: 801-355-1136
Home: 801-967-0225
Fax: 801-531-9011
E-mail: mwaddoups@utahsenate.org

If you can't reach them at home or work, try:

319 State Capitol, Salt Lake City, UT 84114
Phone: 801-538-1035
Toll-free: 866-759-5851
Republican main fax: 801-538-1414
Democrat main fax: 801-538-1449

Additional Contact Information.



2. Learn About Pullan's Radical Past

See our previous alert to learn all about Pullan's outlandish attacks on your property rights, including his support of property confiscation (forfeiture) without due process, and his Marxian view of property rights.

For more information on property rights and property confiscation, see the Property Rights section of our Issues and Alerts page.



3. Tracking Pullan's Future Destruction

In the interests of safeguarding Initiative B and holding senators accountable for their upcoming vote, should Pullan be confirmed, Accountability Utah will track the history of his judicial decisions.  Citizens who go before his court, or who attend his court, will be encouraged to report on any property rights abuses they witness.




If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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