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Confiscation Alert 7/29/03


ACT NOW! Confiscation Zealot Appointed to Bench!

The Deseret News article at the following link provides some very bad news!  Wasatch County Attorney Derek P. Pullan has been appointed to the Fourth District Court bench by Gov. Mike Leavitt.

Pullan led the effort of the private property confiscation lobby to repeal a resolution overwhelmingly passed at the Republican Convention in 1998.  This resolution resolved that forfeiture should be allowed only if (1) the property owner is convicted of related criminal wrongdoing, (2) full due process is restored, and (3) forfeiture proceeds are directed to the General Fund or preferably the Crime Victims Reparation Fund.  View this resolution.

Without prior notice, Pullan was given an opportunity to convince the Republican Party Central Committee to support repeal of the convention resolution.  Pullan sought to replace the resolution approved by the delegates with one that was written on behalf of property confiscators.  View his resolution.

Fortunately, his effort failed.  This failure occurred despite Pullan having the written support of the Salt Lake County Law Enforcement Administrators & Directors, South Jordan Chief of Police, Statewide Association of Public Attorneys, Uintah Basin Narcotics Strike Force, Utah Department of Public Safety, Utah Sheriffs' Association, Weber/Morgan Narcotics Strike Force, West Valley Chief of Police, and the the Attorneys for Cache, Carbon, Daggett, Davis, Iron, Morgan, Salt Lake, Sevier, Summit, Tooele, Uintah, Wasatch, Wayne, and Weber Counties.

Confiscation zealots such as Pullan represent an enormous threat to your right to own property, but possibly never more so when they occupy the office of judge.  Fortunately, our constitutional form of government requires that judicial appointees must be confirmed by the Senate for their appointments to be effective.

To protect yourself from the menace of Derek Pullan's confiscation zealotry, without delay (a hearing will be held in no more than thirty days) you must contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and your State Senator and request that he or she reject Pullan's appointment to the Fourth District Court.  Obtain contact information for Senators and members of the Judiciary Committee can be found at the following links:

I would be interested in any information pertinent to your contacts with Senators.  Thank you.

                    Arnold Gaunt

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