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2005 Performance Report Layout

Below is the exact layout for the 2005 Performance Report of the Legislative General Session.  Again, if you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need to download a free copy.

This report can be printed out in order and then be stapled in the upper left corner.

However, it is ideally designed to be a self-mailer, and to be printed out—front and back—on two 11" x 17" pages.  The exact layout is below.

Outer 11" x 17"

Side A

Cover &
Table of

Side B

Senate Performance
(Page 2)
House Performance
(Page 7)

Inner 11" x 17"

Side A

of Reported
(Page 3)
Overall Chart & Our Rating

(Page 6)

Side B

of Reported
Bills cont.
(Page 4)
Summaries of Reported Bills cont. and
Abortion & Citizen Enablers

(Page 5)


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