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The Personal Gut Check:

Questions Citizen Activists Should Answer

Foreword: Today's political world is particularly infested with the lowest forms of vice, dishonesty, brutality, and corruption.  No human being, no matter how brilliant or good-intentioned, is above being tempted and scathed by this indecent meat grinder.  The thoughts below are designed to assist the activist in constructing his own self-evaluation.  Frequent gut checks, combined with good friends who watch your back, can aid each citizen activist in averting moral disaster.

Questions to frequently ponder:

  • Are you seeking to obtain power, or to empower others?

  • Do you accept that the world and these political battles will go on without you if you disappear tomorrow?

  • Are you avoiding all credit? Do you accept awards and honors?

  • How much time do you spend attempting to help others gain experience and leadership skills?

  • Which issues are you focused on and at what level?

  • Are you willing to let others fail?

  • Do you need position to feel effective?

  • Do your grassroots friends seem more strange and out of touch?

  • Do you enjoy being recognized in a crowd of people by a legislator?

  • Do you watch to see others see that you are recognized?

  • Do you have to have your name on something?

  • How likely are you to stand for something if you are alone? (This is indicative of your need for acceptance and acknowledgement of others.)

Responses citizens should prepare before they are needed. Will you:

  • Join their committee?

  • Host a town meeting at your home with the legislator as the special guest?

  • Put other activists down for being too confrontational or honest?

  • Go to a Jazz game or have frequent dinners with an official?

  • Accept an award for your efforts?

  • Back down when alone and confronted by angry citizens acting on behalf of, or at the urging of, elected officials?



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