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The Voting Gut Check:

Questions Officials Should Answer Before Each Vote

Foreword: Legislators often complain that citizens did not provide sufficient, timely input on some piece of legislation, and therefore it is unfair to judge them too harshly for their vote.  If this were the case, legislators would only be accountable if citizens held their hands and walked them through every vote and decision.

As constant babysitting is not part of Accountability Utah's mission, we instead offer the following questions that represent the type of thought and reflection required of true statesmen.  If an official cannot either answer all of these questions, or cannot provide acceptable answers to all of these questions, we argue that he is unprepared, risks grievous error and harm to those he represents, and has no legitimate excuse if he votes incorrectly.

Questions to Ponder Prior to Each Vote:

1) Have I been provided, and have I taken, the time to read and understand this bill and its potential ramifications?

2) Have I been provided, and have I taken, the time to obtain sufficient citizen input on this bill?

3) Does this bill increase freedom?

4) Does this bill maintain or increase an appropriate level of personal responsibility?

5) Is this bill in conformity with the letter and spirit of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights?

6) Does this bill put sovereign citizens on equal grounds before the law?

7) Does this bill increase taxes, the size of government, or improperly add to the regulatory burdens of sovereign citizens?

8) Does this bill increase or decrease the influence of the federal government?

9) Will the language of this bill be easily understood by those who will be forced to adhere to it?

10) Is this bill truly necessary and must it be passed at this time?




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