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Walker Family/Campaign Stealing Performance Reports?
(News for 4/18/04)

Summary: According to eyewitnesses, Olene Walker's son and another campaign worker recently confiscated 2004 Accountability Utah Legislative Performance Reports from car windows.  The Walker campaign appears to be upset by her -45% score.  Below is Accountability Utah team member Brent Odenwalder's account:


This morning my son and I went to Weber State University to distribute Accountability Utah literature. I had no sooner started passing out the fliers (a little after 7:30 a.m.) when I was approached by an individual from the Walker campaign. He picked up a flier from a car, and asked "What is this?" I stated that it was a report card on the last legislative session.

He asked what Olene's score meant. I explained that -45 percent on a -100 to +100 scale is not very good. He became very upset. He asked if I was singling out Olene. I responded: "No, we do this at many functions, including one at a meeting last night in Weber county." He asked about Marty Stephens score. I said he did not do very well either, and showed him Marty's score of +4 percent.

He became more angry and called a woman named Lori who was up closer to the Union building. She soon came and they explained that Olene was paying for the parking and therefore I could not flier the cars. I stated that the parking was not only for Olene Walker's event, but that students were parked there as well (the signs say it is a public parking lot, for 1$ per hour). They then said that they would remove the fliers after I left. I stated that I paid for the fliers, and for them to "do what you have to do".

Soon after the man had a conversation with the person in the parking booth. I had moved to a parking lot close by to distribute the report card. I had no sooner left, when I turned around to see the man removing my fliers.

I returned to that parking lot about 45 minutes later. I fliered it again, but noticed that the man and Lori were watching from up by the Union building. I have no doubt that the fliers were stolen a second time.

Apparently the Walker campaign does not believe in free speech, or Governor Walker has something to hide about her voting record. Regardless, beware of the Walker campaigners. They are nothing less than common thieves. Had I done the same to her signs or campaign materials, I would have been arrested and thrown in jail.

The gentleman who stole the AU fliers was at the Weber county convention popping popcorn for the Olene Walker booth.  I inquired as to his name, and found out that his name is Tom Walker, Olene's son.

Brent Odenwalder

Note: Examine our 2004 Accountability Utah Legislative Performance Reports for yourself.  If you would like to help pass out these dangerous, contraband reports at future debates and conventions, email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.



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