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Northern Utah Town Meeting

on Parental Rights

(News Item 2 for 11/10/03)

Note: Accountability Utah was asked by the hosts of this meeting to announce it on our Website.  We applaud their efforts and initiative and hope that many such meetings and actions follow.  Also see a .pdf of the announcement flier.

Date/Time: Saturday, November 22, 10–11:30 AM

Location: Weber County Library (Ogden Branch) Auditorium, 2464 S. Jefferson Ave.

Invited: Citizens, voters, and parents of Utah!

What is going on? Innocent families are being over-powered and victimized by our own government agencies!

Recent publicized stories of abuse by our state government against innocent families (Jensens, Bierlys, etc.) prove that we have failed to mind the store for too long.

Why is the family under such heavy assault? What has gone wrong with our laws and state agencies? And what can we do to restore sanity to our government?

Come hear from family rights experts and DCFS victims. We can’t afford not to do something. Come stand up for families before the ones you love are victimized.

RSVP to reserve a seat and free information packet:

Brent Odenwalder at 801-985-1184 or freemann@softcom.net

OR Wayne Hirsbrunner at 801-985-6667 or whirsbrunner@softcom.net

Directions to the Library: For anyone coming from Davis County or the South. Take the 24th street exit in Ogden. Go east over the viaduct. Continue East until you get to Jefferson Ave. Turn right (south), go 1/2 block and then turn left (east) into the library parking lot. The address is 2464 S. Jefferson Ave., Ogden, UT.


Welcome: Brent Odenwalder, Weber County Citizen.  Mr. Odenwalder will lay out the seriousness of this issue.

Testimony: Lisa Bierly, DCFS victim.  Ms. Bierly will discuss the heinous abuses perpetrated against her family by state officials—and their abject failure to return her children to her.

Testimony: Emma Curtis, great grandmother of Casey Barrow, who died tragically on Oct 23, 2003 in foster care—under suspicious circumstances. The foster provider is in jail, charged with murder.

Testimony: Sandra Lucas, Regional Director of Citizens Commission on Human Rights & family advocate.  Ms. Lucas will discuss the abuses she has witnessed and defended against, and some of the medical and religious freedom aspects we should be aware of.

Importance of Due Process & How it is Violated Today: Dan Witte, Attorney & family advocate.  Mr. Witte will discuss what due process is, why it is important, what has been taken from us over time, and why we urgently need to restore it.

Necessary Reforms: Martin King, Salt Lake County Citizen. Mr. King will outline necessary legislative reforms that need to be implemented by the legislature. 

Action Plans: Arnold Gaunt, Weber County Citizen. Mr. Gaunt will discuss how we, as citizens, can make these reforms happen.




If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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