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Southern Utah:

Town Meeting on Parental Rights

(News Item 1 for 11/10/03)

Note: Accountability Utah was asked by the hosts of this meeting to announce it on our Website.  We applaud their efforts and initiative and hope that many such meetings and actions follow.  Also see an updated .pdf of the announcement.

When: Saturday, November 15, 2003, at 9:30 a.m.

Where: American Fork City Library at 64 S. 100 East (in the Community Room)

Who: YOU, your family, colleagues, and friends!

Objectives: Inform and inspire: Recognize key problems in the current child protection system. Persuade legislators and government officials to rectify current wrongs, and to reform the system to prevent future abuses. Work together to ensure justice for innocent parents who love, nurture, and sacrifice for their children.



Victim Testimony

Lisa Bierly: Two of her four children, Jordan and Leigh, were seized for "medical neglect" in 2000 and are now suffering horribly in foster care.

Stephanie Mair: Three of her four children were seized for a "messy home " in 1998. They have been in over a dozen homes and are being abused. Her case is in appellate court.

Emma Curtis: Great-grandmother of Casey Barrow, who died tragically on Oct. 23, 2003 in foster care—under suspicious circumstances.

Daren & Barbara Jensen: Son, Parker, was diagnosed with cancer in April, 2003. Chemo was prescribed. Parents sought alternatives and second opinions. Utah ordered Parker’s removal, and then filed kidnapping charges against his parents when they fled the state. Charges dropped….

Medical & Religious Freedom

Sandra Lucas, Regional Director, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, and family advocate. She will discuss the abuses she has encountered and the attack on medical and religious freedom.

Importance of Due Process & How it is Violated Today

Dan Witte, attorney, parental rights author, and family advocate. He will discuss parental rights in terms of proposed legislative solutions, and explain the importance of due process.

Necessary Reforms to Protect Innocent Families

Dave Hansen, citizen and Utah foster care survivor. He will outline necessary legislative reforms, field relevant questions, and obtain additional input and ideas from the audience.

Action Plans

Lowell Nelson & Matt Misbach, Utah County citizens. They will marshal various action plans.


Lowell Nelson at 801-763-8046 or lowellnelson@mailcity.com

OR Matt Misbach at 801-427-8919 or matt@misbach.org

If you are coming northbound on I-15, get off on the 5th East American Fork exit. Go to State Street. Turn left on State Street and go to 1st East. Take another left. The library is right behind the park and the room is on main floor on east side of the building.

If you are coming southbound on I-15, get off on West Main American Fork exit. Turn left (east) and continue to 1st East. Turn right on 1st East. The library is right behind the park and the room is on main floor on east side of the building.

Note: The hosts of this event encourage you to share an updated .pdf of the announcement with your family, friends, and neighbors.




If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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