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When Universal Constants Fail:
Entire Executive Branch Opposes WCF Scheme

(News Item for 11/02/03)

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. The Workers Compensation Fund, which is attempting to exit stage left with an estimated half-billion dollars in taxpayer assets, now finds itself opposed by the entire Utah executive branch.

As you might recall, AU published an Issue in Focus article on March 11, 2003:  "Will Taxpayers be 'Enron'-ed by Legislature? The Half-Billion Dollar WCF Sell-Out," by Utah State Auditor, Auston Johnson.  The article exposed plans to "privatize" the WCF... without first reimbursing taxpayers for their estimated $500,000,000 investment in it.

As we reported later, the State Auditor sued the WCF for documents related to its tax-exempt status.  WCF has since sued the State of Utah in an attempt to escape the governor's ability to appoint its board of directors and thereby free itself from the governance of the state.

In an historic reversal more rare than Halley’s Comet, the Governor's Office and Attorney General's Office have joined the State Auditor and State Treasurer in publicly opposing the WCF scheme.
Sources: "Leavitt tackles WCF one last time," Kirsten Stewart, Salt Lake Tribune, October 31, 2003 and "Utah workers comp fight is far from over," Amy Joi Bryson, Deseret News, October 31, 2003




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