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State Drops Charges Against Jensens

(News Item 2 for 10/26/03)

After many months of haggling and recent weeks of back-pedaling, the State of Utah has dropped the charges against the Jensen parents.

From General Mark Shurtleff:

"The concern is what happens from here. What precedent do you set for other cases that if you flee the state, that if you go talk to your legislators, that if you get politically involved, that the state is going to back off on their duty to protect the child? I hope that message isn't sent that that's what we're doing now."
Source: "DCFS to back Off of Pursuit of Custody, Chemo," Jill Atwood, KSL News, September 29, 2003

No, the precedent that Accountability Utah would like to see set is that citizens are now resolved to ensure that this type of attack on families comes to an end.  It is an outrage that any family would have to forfeit their job and home and spend over $300,000 to barely protect what is rightfully theirs.

We appreciate those citizens who came forward and got involved in this fight.  But there were not enough of you.  We need to act faster and with more vigor in the future.

If your official cowered in the corner during the Jensen fight (i.e. if you have not seen or heard from him personally or in public), thank him for a job not done and begin now to seek a replacement.  (Oh, and make sure you ask them when Jordan and Leigh Bierly are coming home.)
Note: For contact information, visit our elected official contact page and feel free to share any interactions you have with us at info@accountabilityutah.org.

We have had training requests from various parts of the state on seeing through the lies of candidates and on organizing for political action.  If you need any assistance in this area, contact us at info@accountabilityutah.org




If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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