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(News Item 3 for 9/28/03)









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DCFS Desires to Return Baby to Mother Who Stuffed Him in Plastic Bag
News Item 3 for 9/28/03

A Utah woman who gave birth to her son in a toilet, then stuffed him in a plastic bag and left him, was sentenced to only 30 days in jail on Friday.  And we now learn that DCFS is working to reunite her with the baby.

Third district judge Royal Hansen, who was nominated to the bench by Governor Leavitt and approved the the Utah State Senate, made the decision.  The defense attorney, Robert Archuleta, stated:

"Under the totality of circumstances, the case warrants mercy.  This offense was really due to negligence, not recklessness."

This story presents a horrific contrast to mothers like Stephanie Mair and Lisa Bierly who attended a demonstration held on the same day of the court case and who have been mercilessly stripped of their parental rights for a "messy home" and for no fault or wrongdoing at all.

Source: "Mom who stuffed newborn in bag gets 30 days in jail," Linda Thomson, Deseret News, September 27, 2003.




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