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"For the Children"? Or For the State?
News Item 1 for 9/28/03

Summary: Contrary to claims of looking out for the health and safety of Parker Jensen, the Utah Attorney General's Office and Guardian ad Litem's (GAL) Office ordered three licensed and registered doctors of Western medicine at the Burzynski Clinic to violate their Hippocratic Oath and to deny Parker "any form of treatment".

Saying One Thing...

According to General Shurtleff, the State of Utah is only looking out for the best interests of Parker Jensen: "There are a lot of parties involved, everybody wants what is best for this young man."
Source: "State, boy's family talk of a deal," Matt Canham, Salt Lake Tribune, August 30, 2003.

The GAL Office has verbally expressed the same propaganda: "The goal of the Guardian Ad Litem in this [Jensen] case has always been to get Parker into treatment for his cancer." 
Source: "Statement of the Guardian ad Litem in the Parker Jensen Case," September 2, 2003.


...Then Doing Another

Yet, on August 11, 2003, the AG's Office and GAL's Office co-signed a letter to three licensed and registered doctors of Western medicine at the Burzynski Clinic.  Quoting from the letter:

"We have been informed by counsel for the parents that Daren and Barbara Jensen intend to enter their son, Parker Jensen, into treatment at the Burzynski Clinic... The State of Utah, Division of Child and Family Services does not consent to Parker receiving treatment at the Burzynski Clinic.  Should the Jensens bring Parker to Houston for treatment, we request that you contact us immediately.  Under no circumstances should you administer any form of treatment to Parker at this time."

The three clinic doctors listed on the letter specialize in internal medicine, oncology, and family practice.  The Burzynski Clinic has operated for over 25 years and is an established, reputable location for dealing with cancer.

In other words, the AG's and GAL's Offices ordered these three doctors to break their Hippocratic Oath and to deny Parker Jensen potentially life-saving treatment!

According to the "Criteria for Court-ordered Medical Treatment of a Minor," attached to a letter by the GAL Office, two of the criteria are as follows:

"4. A reasonable parent or guardian would not refuse treatment for the child yet treatment is refused.

"5. Delay in treatment increases the probability of harm."

Had the State of Utah left the Jensens alone, Parker would have been able to receive treatment at the Burzynski Clinic.  It is the State of Utah that has been unreasonable, that has denied Parker timely treatment, and that has put his life at risk.

What is at Stake Here?

Citizens need to realize the gravity of allowing their government to force families to follow the exact dictates of any "professional" practitioner.  Doctors, theologians, and bureaucrats are not gods.  They are fallible human beings.

This case hinges on the bias state agents have with regard to alternative methods of treatment and systems of belief.  They regard these practices with contempt and/or disdain, and ignore evidences that cancer can be controlled without it being "eradicated" through violent and pervasive treatments.  Parker's health is at risk from officials who neither know him or are ultimately responsible for him.

Thus far we have a divided community.  Press are all a twitter as they dine on the despair the Jensen family feels as the state bears its massive weight down upon them.  A few individuals have contacted Accountability Utah, criticizing our efforts on this issue.  One recently told us he wished, "The kid [Parker] would die as I am tired of hearing about this."

Some self-proclaimed constitutional activists are unwilling to vigorously fight against the mandated medicine because they feel the Jensen parents deserve it.  After all, they made a supposed deal with the state that they would undergo treatment if recommended by the new doctor.

Never mind the fact that the Jensens are under duress with a gun to their head.  Never mind about the health of Parker.

And never mind that if our government gets the Jensens, they will have the green light to go after other innocent families.



Addendum (9/29/03): Clarification on Parker Jensen & Burzynski Clinic

The Burzynski Clinic is well respected in both the field of alternative medicine and also Western medicine (to include the use of FDA-approved drugs).  In an interview with an AU investigator, the clinic's lawyer stated that had the clinic been able to fully evaluate Parker, and had the test results come back positive for Ewing Sarcoma, they would not have treated Parker.  In such a case the clinic would also have recommended chemotherapy for him.

This again begs the questions: Why would the State of Utah deny Parker Jensen admission, testing, and possible treatment at such a facility?  Why would they deny the Jensen parents the opportunity to obtain the information they felt they required from the source they felt comfortable with?

Accountability Utah does not know whether Parker Jensen has cancer.  But whatever the future holds for Parker Jensen, it will be tainted by the actions of the State of Utah.  The treatment will always be one of force and intimidation, not of choice and peace crucial factors in any successful treatment.  In addition, Parker Jensen will be the ward of the state and no longer the child of his loving parents.

If the rights of the Jensen parents and family are not upheld, all parents are at risk.




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