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News 9/25/03: "Doctor Intends to Alter Report Results!"

We spoke with Daren Jensen this evening.  The Jensens took their son, Parker, to Dr. Martin Johnston, a pediatric oncologist, of Saint Luke's Hospital in Idaho.  He was supposed to provide the Jensen family an objective opinion on Parker's condition.

As reported on the news this evening, Dr. Johnston found no evidence of cancer in Parker's body.  Daren spoke with the doctor a little while ago.  According to Daren, the doctor stated that he would alter his findings to coincide with that of Primary Children's Hospital.

This means that, despite a lack of evidence, Utah officials could still attempt to force Parker to be subjected to a dangerous, nearly year long chemotherapy procedure.  Parker could, among other side effects, die, become sterile, or lose his sight.  This procedure may be destructive to his young and growing body.

If you were unsure whether you could attend tomorrow's rally, consider this: If state officials, bureaucrats, and doctors are allowed to get away with this barbarity, one day soon, someone you love will be the victim.  And it may be too late to stop it.


Tomorrow's rally details are below...


Parental Rights Coalition! Citizens & Groups United to Fight!
The Bierly and Jensen cases have provided the much-needed catalyst to move parental rights groups and citizens together like never before.  Accountability Utah is part of that coalition and we hope all citizens who observe our e-mails and alerts will add their voices to the effort.

Together, we will take the critical message of parental rights across the state.  We will begin to energize the people toward ending the injustice and abuse.

The first of many gatherings will take place tomorrow.  Join us in supporting the victims of DCFS abuse and in demanding reform:

Date/Time:  Friday, September 26, 2003, 12:00-1:00 P.M.

Where:  Utah State Capitol South Steps


Bonnie Macri of JEDI Women

Lisa and Tim Bierly of PACT (Parents and Children Together)

Words from Daren Jensen of My Child, My Choice

Sandra Lucas of Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Stephanie Mair of HALE (Help Against Legalized Endangerment)

David Hansen of Accountability Utah

Gayle Ruzicka of the Eagle Forum will also be covering the event live on KTKK 630 AM.


Additional Information: Read more information on the horrific Bierly case and download a free Parental Rights Now! Action Packet.




If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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