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News 8/25/03: Desperate GOP Senators & Party Officials Squirm & Filibuster!

As part of our ongoing efforts to reach citizens of all parties and backgrounds, AU volunteers were present at the Republican organizing convention Saturday, passing out literature on the senate's filibuster of anti-infanticide legislation.  AU friends also played audio tape of the senate's laughter during their short debate to ban partial birth abortions.

Many citizens in attendance expressed gratitude for the information and our Web site.  It was refreshing to witness many decent citizens begin to recognize their deceptive officials.

As a result of the major efforts of Republican party activists, 40 percent of the delegates rejected the current elitist GOP chairman and instead vote for a candidate who had done virtually no campaigning, and who made many bold accusations against the elitist establishment during his speech.  A proposal to institute automatic delegate positions for party elitists was also resoundingly defeated.

Republican elitists were predictably edgy and irritable.  Senate President Alma Mansell, for instance, asked a 15-year old for a copy of some of the AU literature.  Upon receiving that literature, he held it up in the face of the boy and ripped it to shreds.  Mansell was indicative of the growing sense of fear and desperation we encountered from various senators.

Several resolutions dealing with infanticide were on the convention agenda.  One moved to strike the abortion plank of the Republican Party platform due to the hypocrisy and repeated unwillingness of Republican leadership to enact meaningful legislation.  Top Republican party leaders engaged in a lengthy and desperate filibuster to keep these resolutions from being heard until enough delegates had to go home to break up the quorum.

The battles within all parties and organizations may seem arduous and painful today.  But AU is convinced that as citizens of all persuasions hold true and fast to correct principles bowing to no tyrant they will inevitably restore freedom and liberty in Utah and in America.




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