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GOP Election Irregularities Confirmed

(Alert for 5/10/04)

Summary: No results have been provided regarding presidential elector and national and alternate national delegate GOP offices, and the ballots were seen being removed by party employees from the convention premises Saturday night.  Republicans ought to take action.


1. Increased Concern from Candidates & Citizens

2. One Notable Exception...

3. Take Action!

4. Original Warning by Accountability Utah


1. Increased Concern from Candidates & Citizens

First off, there was a marked improvement and sense of awareness from candidates and citizens who recognized the shared responsibility of ensuring election integrity. Several members of Accountability Utah were approached for additional advice and insight on effectively monitoring the process.


2. One Notable Exception...

Various independent poll watchers have confirmed that Saturday’s GOP state convention elections appeared to be clean… with one notable exception. No results have been provided regarding presidential elector and national and alternate national delegate offices, and the ballots were seen being removed by party employees from the convention premises Saturday night.

Concerned citizens have attempted to make contact with the State Republican Party regarding this irregularity, and have received no response. Can this process have integrity when independent and adversarial observation and verification has been denied?

Joe Cannon, whose disregard for fair and impartial processes was demonstrated again by his conduct before the convention on Saturday, should be held accountable for his unacceptable failure to properly count the ballots. It certainly appears that Joe Cannon brings the same level of competence to the business of the Republican Party that he exercised during his tenure at the now-defunct Geneva Steel.


3. Take Action!

If you are a member of the Republican Party, you owe it to yourself to give Mr. Cannon and his appointed executive, Chris Bleak, a call at (801) 533-9777 or email them. Ask them how they plan to correct this appalling circumvention of election integrity.

Please e-mail any interactions you have with them to info@accountabilityutah.org, so that we may more completely expose this matter.


4. Original Warning by Accountability Utah

Below is the original warning we sent out to GOP delegates and other citizens before Saturday's convention:

Report of Ballot Tampering in Tomorrow's GOP Convention
The following message was compiled by Mr. Daniel Newby, citizen of Salt Lake County and volunteer with Accountability Utah:


Several days ago, I was approached by persons who claim to have seen numerous voter ballots that have been pre-punched to favor certain candidates in tomorrow's Republican Party State Convention.

I have no way of verifying whether or not this information is correct and I cannot reveal more information without jeopardizing my word to keep my sources confidential (they cite fear of retribution).  I have no desire to perpetuate inaccurate information, but, in the end, I felt that this information was potentially too important to keep to myself.

My recommendation to my Republican friends is this: If you care about election integrity tomorrow, you must ensure that the entire process is secure and verifiable.

I have witnessed election irregularities and what I believe to have been fraud perpetrated in previous Republican Party elections.  In my opinion, if a ballot box or group of ballots disappear from public or poll watcher view for any length of time, you can discount the election results entirely.  Ballot box monitoring includes common sense things like ensuring all ballot boxes are empty before voting begins, ensuring that all ballot boxes are identified, accounted for, and watched by at least two sets of honest eyes at all times, and ensuring that dishonest idiots are not going through garbage cans (like they did in the 2000 state convention) to dig up, and misuse, the unused ballots of people who leave early.

In addition, if ballot counters are not monitored from start to finish in a very controlled environment, you can also disregard the election results.  This includes common sense things such as ensuring that the counting room is secure before ballots are introduced, ensuring that handbags, coats, and other paraphernalia are all searched and kept far from the counting area,  and that all ballot counters are meticulous and careful in their duties.

Daniel Newby
(801) 281-2670

Final Note: It is Accountability Utah's hope that citizens of all parties and persuasions will be ever watchful and vigilant so that citizens can feel confident that their votes and voice are always respected and treated with utmost integrity.  Learn more about voting ethics.

.... End of Original Warning ....

Accountability Utah recipe: Take our information and opinion, research their information and opinion (if it is available), and then examine the law and draw your own conclusions. For more information on similar issues, see the Voting/Elections section of our Issues & Alerts page.

If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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