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How Short is Gov. Walker's Leash?
Find Out Via SB 175 S2!

(Alert 2 for 3/14/04)

Summary: Will incumbent/hopeful Governor Olene Walker side with Utah voters and veto SB 175 S2? Or will her federal handlers do as they have done to your legislators? Act now to give Gov. Walker a free lesson at obedience school citizen style.

Call Governor Olene Walker at (801) 538-1000 and insist that she VETO SB 175 S2.

Senate Bill 175 Substitute 2 expands property confiscation (forfeiture) by destroying due process protections for innocent property owners.  It essentially guts Citizen's Initiative B, passed by 69 percent of Utah voters in 2000.

See the bill summary for SB 175 S2, which includes links to the bill text and the actual vote in both houses.  See also the Property Rights section of our Issues & Alerts page for information on the ongoing battles.


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