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SB 175 S2 Passes House!

Cosmetic Amendments Likely Planned"
to Further Deceive the Unwary!

(Alert 3/3/04)

Alert provided by Mr. Arnold Gaunt.
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Accountability Utah foreword: Below is an alert provided by Mr. Arnold Gaunt, volunteer coordinator with Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (FEAR).  Contact those senators and representatives who voted AGAINST SB 175 S2 and remind them to stay true to their NO vote.  Any amendments in the works will be backed by the confiscation cartel, will be highly dangerous and almost certainly deceptive, and will still be viewed as trampling on the citizens.  YOUR RIGHTS ARE NOT FOR SALE OR CASUAL ABUSE!  Read more below:

March 3, 2004

Yesterday the House passed 2nd Sub. SB 175 by a vote of 46-27.  See the roll call

Basically the House Republican in Name Only (RINO) caucus joined with all Democrats except for one to pass the legislation.  The bill, because it was amended in the House, now sits on the Senate concurrence calendar.

I believe there is some possibility today that the Senate may choose to not concur with SS SB 175, causing the bill to go to a House-Senate conference committee.  The likelihood of an acceptable bill coming from such a committee is minimal to non-existent.

For this reason, I urge you to make contact with your Senator and Representative today and urge him or her to reject "compromises" containing cosmetic changes that may be voted on today (place emphasis on those Representatives who voted no yesterday). I believe the only effective methods of communication at this point are in person at the Capitol, fax, or a phone message requesting a return call.  Please make your voice heard!

               Arnold Gaunt


Talking Points Against SB 175 S2

See our previous alert for talking points and other information on SB 175 S2 and confiscation without due process.  See our Elected Official Contact page for contact information.


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