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NFIB Urges Defeat of SB 175 S2

(Alert 2/25/04)

The National Federation of Independent Business - Utah Chapter, with over 3,500 members in Utah, has urged legislators and its members to defeat SB 175 S2.

How will legislators respond to the growing surge of resistance?  Will they respect the will and rights of the people, or be indignant and callous?  House leadership has spitefully fast-tracked the bill for a final floor vote, possibly today.  The NFIB letter reads as follows:

Dear NFIB Utah member,

Below is a letter sent to each state senator and representative regarding two bills that would dramatically affect you and your business.  Please call your house member at (801) 538-1029 and your senator at (801) 538-1035 and make your voice heard.

John Christensen
Leadership Council Chair

February 18, 2004

Dear Senator:

        NFIB Utah, after polling its members, has taken a position for SB 66 and against SB 175.  It is our position that any kind of funding with taxpayers money to compete against the private sector is absolutely wrong.  We believe SB 66 should be moved forward, not only for this reason, but to forestall the great liability that could be incurred by the taxpayers of this state, if projects such as UTOPIA fail. There are so many priorities -- education, affordable housing, water projects just to name a few -- and, given this sluggish economy, we hope there will be no doubt in your mind that itís the right thing to do.  It should be up to the voters of those municipalities to decide whether or not they want to incur tax debt to pay for such a risky venture. 

        NFIB members are opposed to SB 175, and supported Initiative B when it was passed by 69 percent of voters in 2000.  Initiative B restored due process protections for innocent property owners in property forfeiture cases.  Should law enforcement have every tool available to fight the war on drugs?  Absolutely!  But our law enforcement officers should be respected for the difficult work they do.  We should not burden them or hinder their relationship with the citizens they serve by tempting them to seize the property of innocent owners.  Nor should business owners be assumed guilty and denied due process in unjust federal administrative hearings -- particularly when they are unable to adequately defend themselves without their property.

        NFIB members do not want to sacrifice the integrity of our law enforcement or put the rights of innocent business owners and citizens in jeopardy.  State government is operating with a $7,000,000,000+ annual budget.  If law enforcement needs additional support, they need to get it the right way through a clean legislative budget process.

        We appreciate your position and the pressure you are under from various self-interested groups representing the above bills.  However, doing the right thing is just that -- the right thing to do.

Yours truly,

John Christensen
Leadership Council Chair


Download Fliers & Get More Information

You can view, download, and copy updated fliers against SB 175.  Visit our Volunteer Action Page and make your neighbors aware of the threat to their rights and community.

Note that the latest version SB 175 differs little from the first substitute or original bill. All versions trample on your rights by providing Utah police financial incentives to subject you to unjust federal confiscation statutes. Obtain more background information.


If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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