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SB 175 S2 in Committee TOMORROW (Tuesday)!

(Alert 2 for 2/23/04)

Summary: SB 175 Substitute 2 has been fast-tracked by house leadership and will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee TOMORROW (Tuesday) at 4:30 PM in Room 223 of the Capitol.

You have until that time to make your voice heard to the committee members listed below. Remember, this bill enables and encourages Utah's police to facilitate forfeiture of your property at the federal level, where the innocent are presumed guilty.

Remind these representatives that if Initiative B needs any fine tuning, it would be to make sure that the funds go to the victims of crime. As long as the seizer (law enforcement) receives financial rewards, it is unjust. Tell them to stop insulting your intelligence and remind them that they have a 7.5 BILLION dollar budget to play with. Your birthright of freedom is not for sale.

House switchboard: (801) 538-1029 or toll-free (800) 662-3367
Fax number for Republican representatives: (801) 538-1908
Fax number for Democratic representatives: (801) 538-9505

House Judiciary Committee:
Ben Ferry (R-2), Chair bcferry@utah.gov
Stuart Adams (R-16), Vice Chair Stuartadams@utah.gov
Chad Bennion (R-44) Cbennion@utah.gov
Katherine Bryson (R-60) Kbryson@utah.gov
Greg Curtis (R-49) Gcurtis@utah.gov
Neal Hendrickson (D-33) Nhendrickson@utah.gov
Eric Hutchings (R-38) Ehutchings@utah.gov
Susan Lawrence (R-36) susanlawrence@utah.gov
Dana Love (R-13) Danalove@utah.gov
Rosalind McGee (D-28) Rozmcgee@utah.gov
Morgan Philpot (R-45) Mphilpot@utah.gov
Mike Thompson (R-59) Msthompson@utah.gov

This latest version differs little from the first substitute or original bill. All versions trample on your rights by providing Utah police financial incentives to subject you to unjust federal confiscation statutes. Obtain more background information.

Download & Share Updated Fliers Against SB 175

You can view, download, and copy updated fliers against SB 175.  Visit our Volunteer Action Page and make your neighbors aware of the threat to their rights and community.


If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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