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Utah Officers Intimidated to Attend Ashcroft's Rally Today!
(Alert for 8/25/03)


Summary: We just received a report from a Utah police officer that he and others are being coerced and intimidated into attending U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft's rally today in Salt Lake City!  We have substantiated his identity and position, but we must protect the identity of this officer from his superiors at this time. We hope to gain citizen support so that he and others like him will be able to speak without fear of reprisals!  Learn what you can do to expose and stop the corruption!



1. Letter from Utah Police Officer Exposing Intimidation!

2. TAKE ACTION! Protect Your Police Officers from Abuse!

1. Letter from Utah Police Officer Exposing Intimidation!

Below is the letter we received from a Utah police officer, describing the abuse of power he is enduring because he has a conscience and a different political opinion.

Accountability Utah,

There is a media dog & pony show tomorrow Monday, August 25th, in Salt Lake with U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.  There will be many law enforcement uniforms in attendance to indicate that law enforcement is solidly with Mr. Ashcroft.  I have been instructed that I will be there in uniform indicating my support by my agency.  I watched with dismay during the Clinton administration as "photo-op cops" stood behind Bill Clinton, allegedly supporting his unconstitutional infringements.  I read in print of law enforcement officers forced by their agencies to stand behind him, some which initiated law suits the outcome of which I am uncertain.

I have a real personal problem with indicating that I support something that I do not.  In this case I am still unsure where exactly we need to draw the line.  I firmly believe that giving government to much free rein is a recipe for disaster, the government agency that I work for does things now which concern me.  That being said, we do need to have the ability to investigate, apprehend, prosecute, and punish evil people who would kill, injure, or otherwise disrupt the peaceful lives of law-abiding persons.  Perhaps somewhere in the Patriot Act proposals there is for reasonable measures 'with appropriate accountability for the use of such measures.'  It has been my experience that accountability goes a long way toward keeping government and individuals honest.

I have read other information on this subject, most notably from "The Center for Public Integrity," that has been very helpful in determining where I stand on this "Domestic Security Enhancement Act".  I am still unsure as to what should be reasonable, additional tools for our Federal government to combat terrorism assuming that there are any needed.  However, I am sure that I cannot fully support the current Patriot Act provisions without someone in favor of this Act delivering their justification.  This disturbs me because I consider myself a proud supporter of President Bush's War on Terrorism and I thank God that he is leading this country at this time.  I don't consider President Bush's election as an accident.  I feel that it was meant to be, yet I know that he is not infallible.

The reality is that government has the means to abuse any of it's given powers, and that is why we attempt to elect government officials with integrity.  I also fully understand the fear of allowing the camel's nose under the tent... we give them Patriot Act II, what may potentially follow with a Patriot Act III?  And so on.  Moreover, I fully agree with Benjamin Franklin that to give up liberty in the hope of a little security is futile and renders a person, community, society, and/or country undeserving of neither.

Thank you for your time and information...



2. TAKE ACTION! Protect Your Police Officers from Abuse!

Act today to expose and end this corruption!  Here is what you need to do:

1. Forward this message to your family, friends, and associates.  Let them know that their police officers are being betrayed and abused!

2. Call your county mayor, county sheriff, city mayor, and city police chief.  Demand to know whether they "instruct" their officers to attend political rallies.  Let them know what you think of letting the police officers you fund to be abused for such purposes. You can find their contact information in the blue pages of your telephone book.

3.  Call your legislator to demand that they immediately open an extensive investigation into this shameful coercion of our law enforcement.  Also demand that they institute serious action against any law enforcement superior who forces their political agenda on our officers.  It is political strong-arming of the absolute worst kind, it is illegal, it is an immoral slap in the face of every Utahn, and it has no place in this country!
If you need help finding your legislator, visit our elected official contact page.

4. E-mail us at info@accountabilityutah.org and let us know how your officials reacted. If you know any police officers, forward this information to them and let them know that Accountability Utah will be investigating this further.

5. If you are a glutton for being marginalized and ignored, you can also contact Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.  Under the Utah Constitution, he is supposed to be watching out for your police officers.

Attorney General main number: (801) 538-9600
Attorney General main e-mail: uag@utah.gov

6. Get angry as you reflect on these young and elder officers who are stripped of their right of conscience and forced to stand behind U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft's self-serving photo-op.




If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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