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Time's Up! Lt. Gov. Walker &

Senate Ignore DCFS Abuses!
(Alert 10/4/03)

Summary: Despite a secret, closed-door meeting on DCFS abuses, the Utah senators refuse to act.  They are hunkering down, hoping you will forget the families they have destroyed.  Lt. Gov. Walker has also remained silent. Act now to demand immediate, public hearings for families that have been destroyed by our government.


1. GOP Senators Secretly Meet on DCFS Abuses... But Do Nothing

2. Lt. Gov. Walker & AG Shurtleff Pledge Action... But Do Nothing


1. GOP Senators Secretly Meet on DCFS Abuses... But Do Nothing

As protestors were demanding to be heard in the offices of Governor Leavitt, Lt. Gov. Walker, and General Shurtleff (see "Parental Rights Rally Draws Over 200 Fed-Up Citizens"), GOP senators were present in the Capitol at a secret, closed-door meeting.  According to one senator, they were discussing how to deal with the pressure they are receiving on the Bierly, Jensen, and other cases being brought to light.

Are any of you who are reading this just a little perturbed that these senators never came down to hear the plight of these families first hand? To our knowledge, several senators knew of the demonstration.  Where is the pressure that causes them to cower in secret meetings ignoring the plight of innocent families?

Rather than take meaningful action to open these cases up in public hearings and start the process of returning children to their innocent parents, senators have chosen to hunker down.  They hope you will forget the families they have destroyed.


2. Lt. Gov. Walker & AG Shurtleff Pledge Action... But Do Nothing

Lisa Bierly reports that, in November of 2002, she went before Lieutenant Governor Olene Walker to plead her cause.  Bonnie Macri, President of Jedi Women, was present as a witness.

Lt. Gov. Walker expressed that the case was horrible and that AG Shurtleff needed to deal with Assistant Attorney General (AAG) Paul Amann.  Amann essentially kidnapped Leigh Bierly and has persecuted the Bierly family from the beginning of this case.
(For information on this tragic case and the despicable actions of AAG Amann, see our alert, "Astounding Evidence! How Utah Officials Destroy Innocent Families!")

Lt. Gov. Walker told Lisa that there was nothing she could do because, as Lt. Governor, she did not have the authority.

Lisa Bierly reports that she also had a meeting on January 13, 2003, with General Shurtleff.  Again, Ms. Macri was present as a witness.  Shurtleff said that he felt for the Bierly's plight, but that there was nothing he could do.  Shurtleff claimed that it was all up to the Guardian ad Litem's Office, and took no responsibility for the actions of his office. (This game of shifting blame is a typical tactic.)

Since that time, Lisa Bierly has attempted to contact both Lt. Gov. Walker, General Shurtleff, and the Guardian ad Litem.  None of them have  bothered to respond to her.

Gov. Leavitt and Lt. Gov. Walker received approximately 100 appointment request forms on the day of the demonstration.  To our knowledge, they have not responded to any of them.



It is bad enough to have a state senate that does not care about taxpayer-funded murder of the unborn (see "How Anti-Infanticide Bills Die in a 'Pro-Life' Senate").  Now senators are covering up the destruction of children who manage to survive the womb!  Act now to bring their actions to light:

1. Forward this message to your family, friends, and associates. Let them know that their senators do not care about the plight of innocent Utah families.

2. Call Lieutenant Governor Olene Walker.  Demand to know why she is doing nothing to reign in these rogue agencies. Demand that she open immediate investigations into the Bierly case, abuses 

Lt. Governor Olene Walker:
210 State Capitol Bldg
Salt Lake City, UT 84114
Phone: 801-538-1000
Toll-free: 800-705-2464
Fax: 801-538-1528
E-mail: governor@state.ut.us

3. Call your state senator. Demand that he take immediate and public action to open extensive investigations on the Bierly case and other abuses by the Governor's Office, Utah Attorney Generals Office, the Utah Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS), and the Office of the Guardians ad Litem (GAL).  Demand that he publicly call for an emergency session to restore your due process rights, and initiate an immediate audit of DCFS and GAL.

To find your senator, visit our elected official contact page.  Call several senators if you can, including Sen. Dan Eastman, co-chair of the Child Welfare Oversight Panel interim committee.

4. Call your house member.  Demand that he push the senate to open hearings and take action to restore due process protections for innocent parents and families.  Also demand that the house initiate an immediate investigation and audit of DCFS and GAL.

5. Read the Citizen's Resolution that outlines some of your basic due process rights as parents.  Also print out a copy of our Parental Rights Now! Action Packet to learn more about the importance of this fight and the reforms that must occur.  Also be aware of the Parental & Family Rights section of our Issues & Alerts page, and our Family Rights Task Force.

6. Monitor this site for new and updated information and join our alert list by e-mailing us at info@accountabilityutah.org.



If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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