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AG Tells AU: County Attorneys have Capitulated!

Yesterday afternoon, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff contacted AU team member Ken Olafson and claimed that the county attorneys of Weber, Davis, and Salt Lake have all capitulated and will surrender the confiscated proceeds to the State Treasurer.  According to Utah State Statute 67-5-1, Shurtleff is required to both supervise and—when necessary—prosecute county attorneys.  Shurtleff still has offered no substantive plan to go after these county attorneys personally for their contempt of the rule of law.

We are pleased by this news.  But, frankly, these counties had no other choice.  Judge Medley's ruling in the forfeiture cases was strong and predictable because Medley himself was compelled by applicable law.  As the Institute for Justice mentioned in their press release, the county attorneys' arguments bordered on the frivolous.

General Shurtleff, in his typical, reckless and callous fashion, told the Salt Lake Tribune today that he is still committed to destroy Initiative B—and by so doing undermine the integrity of Utah law enforcement and the will of the people.

Accountability Utah, the Institute for Justice, Utahans for Property Protection, and others will be there to oppose—through citizen activism and litigation—General Shurtleff and any other tyrants.  Join us in the fight!

Learn Why Defeat of Shurtleff & County Attorneys is So Important.

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